Meet Jordan

Jordan is extremely happy and he was the first client to join I. F. P., back in July 2018. His fitness journey has been incredible and boundless. Read more about his gold winning achievement here

We will share more about Jordan as his page evolves as there is SOOOO much to say. For now we shall start by sharing some pictures and videos

Hands Up. Side Planks!!!

March 2, 2020. Absolutely incredible. This was Jordan’s first attempt at doing side planks on his hands….and he nailed it. A strong 10 second hold on each side. Jordan!!!!!!!

Amazing Jordan and Yomi (trainer) side plank together. Such great strength and determination
Jordan performing sit ups with weighted bar ( video -a little grainy)

Lets sit up!!

February 23, 2020. Jordan has been making wonderful improvements in maximizing and strengthening his core health. Above Jordan is performing sit ups with a weighted bar to activate more abdominal power and strength. He keeps his arms extended and stabilized above his shoulders as he holds the 10lb bar. Every time he sits up, he touches the roller in front of him with the weighted bar. Wowwwwweeeeee. Go Jordan!!!!!!!

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