Meet Gregory

Gregory (Greg) is unstoppable. He approaches every training session with determination, strength, and with a knowing that he will surpass any challenge. Greg’s endurance capacity is AMAZING!!! Let’s learn about Gregory’s personal training path with I.F.P through the words of his mum (mom).

When did you or your child start training with IFP and why?

Gregory started his fitness journey a year ago. It initially started because he wanted to do the same things that his older brother was doing which was going to the gym and exercising. At first I was hesitant because I wanted him to be in an inclusive environment and that’s when we met Yomi who had an understanding of my son.

Have you seen any benefits in health, fitness and/ or daily living skills since you or your child have been with the program?

Since he started the program Gregory’s has gotten stronger. I’ve seen a change in his strength , coordination and endurance. He is extremely focused during  workouts. This increase in strength and endurance has transferred on to the tennis court. Gregory enjoys tennis  and would like to excel in the sport.

How many times do you or your child train a week or month? Would you recommend the program to anyone else? Explain why?

Gregory trains once a week. I would recommend this program to all parents of children with special needs. It’s amazing to see your child’s strength not only in body but in mind. As parents we may sometimes underestimate our children if you let go and let them try amazing things can happen.

Do you or your child have any fitness goals for 2020?

Greg’s fitness goals for 2020 are to build muscle and get faster. He only drinks water and eats fruits and vegetables. He said he doesn’t like fast food anymore and only wants to eat healthy.  In terms of my goals for 2020 I have increased my fitness level by going out and trying different fitness classes. In addition , Gregory has inspired me to seek out certification in fitness which I hope to complete in 2020.

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