Kickboxing/Boxing – Let’s Hear it For the Girls

Let’s give the girls a hand. Actually they don’t really need it. They’ve got this. Kickboxing and Boxing is popping at Inclusive Fitness Programs. The ladies are truly carrying their crowns in both kickboxing and Boxing. Check out Keira and Mary. These two are focused, determined, and strong.

2 Jabs, cross punch, duck…and then…..hit hard!!!!

February 1, 2020. Here’s Keira. Power and strength every time. Nothing less. Those punches are not soft…trust me!!!

Location: Embracing Fitness. Little Falls NJ

Now let’s add that upper cut

February 1, 2020. The video speaks for itself. Here’s Keira!Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww x 1,0000000!!! Want to learn more about Keira? See “Meet Keira “on her blog page.

Location: Embracing Fitness. Little Falls NJ

Kickboxing Chez Mary

January 25, 2020. That kick….Did you see that kick? DROP THE MIC. Absolutely fabulous. Want to learn more Mary? See Meet Mary on her blog page.

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