Meet Neil

Training Neil in fitness and exercise has been a game changer for me. His insight in to the world and understanding of life is absolutely mind blowing. I am often taken back by the things his says. To add, he’s extremely funny, so we laugh a lot during our meetings. Neil has greatly improved in stamina, endurance, and, power in his lower bod . I’m very proud of him. Here’s some questions that Neil answered:

When did you start training with Yomi?

Summer 2019

Have you seen any benefits since you have been training? Explain?

Yes.  I can run faster as I like to use the treadmill

How many times do you receive personal training?

Once a week

Would you recommend this training to anyone?

Yes.  I would recommend Yomi for personal training.

Do you have any fitness goals for 2020?

I would like to lose weight

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