Meet Eric

Eric is direct, honest and witty. He is truly a master at many fitness exercises. His pushups and skipping skills are incredible.

Wowww . Check out these pushups

You need a lot of upper body strength to do incline push-ups. Eric performs the incline pushups from a workout bench with ease. What great strength. Eric! Eric! Eric! Absolutely Flawless!

Location: Embracing Fitness

Walk/ Jog/ Carry Bosu with Burpees

February 6, 2020. This exercise is not easy as strength, edurance and stamina is needed for completion. Eric performed 10 reps without a break. Perfect! Fantastic!

Medicine Ball Slams

February 6. 2020. Eric always works extremely hard during sessions and today was outstanding. The power he has in his upper body as he slams the ball to the ground is amazing . He maintains great strength in his lower legs and keeps his abdominal muscles engaged. Errrriicccc!!!!!

Here are some questions that Eric and his mom (mum) answered about being in the Inclusive Fitness Programs, I. F. P:

When did you or your child start training with IFP and why?

Eric started in Sept 2018 we think. He started because he was worried about his cholesterol and the doctor told him to exercise

Have you seen any benefits in health, fitness and/ or daily living skills since you or your child have been with the program?

Eric lost 25 pounds the first year.

How many times do you or your child train a week or month?

Personal trainer one time a week but he does a little workout 5 days a week at home

Would you recommend the program to anyone else? Explain why?

Yes I would recommend it. Eric enjoys working out and he is becoming healthier

Do you or your child have any fitness goals for 2020?


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