Meet Keira

Keira is determined. She is powerful, and she is a fighter. She does not give up and always meets a challenge with immense courage. Go Keira!!!

The Perfect Plank

March 7, 2020. Oops she did it again! Here’s Keira planking. Such great form. Yessss. I’m so proud of you, Keira!!!! You’re achievements are AMAZING. Absolutely fabulous.

Location: Embracing Fitness.

It’s Boxing Time

February 1, 2020. We don’t mess around at Inclusive Fitness Programs. Our clients get a chance to shine at many different fitness and exercise routines and styles. Keira loves to box. Her strength and power is off the charts. Look at her jabs, cross punch, duck and that last hit…oooooooooo. Fabulous!!!!!!!!!

Here’s more! Click on this link.

Location: Embracing Fitness. Little Falls NJ

2 x 10lb Double Kettlebell Swings

February 1, 2020. Keira makes this looks easy. Effortless work. Her back is straight during the swings to avoid stress on her lower back. Great power!!!! Breathe!!!!

Leg/Knee Raises Combination

January 25. 2020. This is exercise is excellent for core health and strength. In this video, Keira is in a supine position (on her back). Her arms are holding on to a stable frame and her head and neck are supported with a pillow. Keira’s exceptional form gives her the ability to use her abdominal muscles (Abs) to isometrically stabilize her body while performing the movement.

As Keira is working to strengthen and tighten her abdominal muscles (Abs), this is an effective exercise for targeting this area, as well as her external and internal obliques muscles, and the anterior hip flexors.

Great Job Keira!!!!

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