Meet Mary

Kickboxing January 2020

Wow. Check out this combination -2 jabs, cross punch, reverse lunge and straight kick. Absolutely fantastic ❤❤❤. Mary, Mary, Mary!!!

Mary is confident and shows great determination in every workout. I asked Mary and her mother to answer some questions about her experience with I.FP. Here are Mary’s answers:

When did you or your child start training with IFP and why?

i started in the winter of 2019 my mom needed me to exercise more.

Have you seen any benefits in health, fitness and/ or daily living skills since you or your child have been with the program?

i have been packing my backpack by myself, eat healthier

How many times do you or your child train a week or month?

i train once a week 

Would you recommend the program to anyone else? Explain why?

yes because more people need exercise 

Do you or your child have any fitness goals for 2020?

to be stronger with my kicks for boxing

Mary-Living her best life
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