Meet Brian

Brian is exceptional and extremely smart. His ability to perform a movement/exercise with perfection after being shown once or not all is absolutely INCREDIBLE. The inner knowing that he has is immeasurable.

Let’s Push this Bar Up!!!

February 8, 2020. Brian has increased his strength tremendously. He is now pushing a 15lb weighted bar in an inclined position; 6lb more than he was pushing towards the end of 2019.

He’s activating his chest muscles!!!!

Location: Embracing Fitness

Bicep Curls on an Inclined Bench

February 8, 2020. A perfect way to isolate the movement of bicep curls is to use an inclined bench. The rear part of the inclined bench is a great support to stabilize the shoulder as the bicep curl is performed.

This is Brian’s first time doing reps of bicep curls in this position. Didn’t he do well?….YESSSSSSSSS!!!!

Location: Embracing Fitness

TRX with Brian

December 2019. TRX resistance training is great for understanding and experiencing where your body is in time and space, feeling your body working against gravity, and having to physically use enough power to bring your body to a neutral/starting position.

Check out Brian here using the TRX to accomplish deep squats with a little correction. Yes Brian!!!

Bosu Ball Plank

December 2019. This is not an easy exercise…..well Brian makes it look easy. Brian was able to hold this position for 30 secs. The Bosu Ball Plank targets the abdominal muscles, interior and exterior obliques, glutes and hip flexors. Also it takes great muscle strength in the arms to help to maintain and stabilize this position.

Well Done Brian!!!!

Bicep curls with weighted bar

Summer 2019 – Brian performing bicep curls with a 12lb weighted bar. A mini exercise/barre ball is used to support his back for correct posture. Yay Brian!!! Wonderful!

It’s very important for all children and adults to have good posture when performing upper body movements. To support and stabilize Brian’s back we added a mini exercise/barre ball so that he effectively performed the bicep curl exercise without rocking forward or rounding his back.

Brian has gained amazing muscle strength since he started in the I.F.P. program in 2018. Initially, physical supports and grip correction aides were given. To perform this exercise we started with a light wooden stick, then a light weighted bar was introduced. Currently Brian can independently perform bicep curls with a 12lb bar. Such great progress. Also Brian gave great eye contact …….and that smile – melts my heart every time.

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