The Journey Begins

Nothing is Impossible because there weren’t any doubts.

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Inclusive Health and Wellness Programs to enhance quality lifestyles

I.F.P provides comprehensive inclusive and adaptive personal and small group Fitness training programs for adults and children to support:

  • Muscular Strength
  •  Core and Postural Health
  • Movement, Balance, and Stability
  • Agility and Flexibility
  • Behavior Management
  •  Motor Planning and Information Processing Skills
  • Confidence, Independence and Social Interactions
  • Healthy Eating and Meal Planning
  • Relaxation and Mindfulness Living

All Personal Training and Small Group Classes are held at Embracing Fitness*, 155 East Main Street, Little Falls, New Jersey 07424.

*Or at your program/facility if applicable

“Through health and wellness techniques and practices, our mission is to enhance and promote independence and confidence in healthy daily living skills for adults and children with and without special needs and disabilities”

What We Know

Recent studies have concluded that people with disabilities are more likely to engage in inadequate physical activity and other unhealthy behaviors putting them at risk of becoming obese, hypertension,  injuries from falls, depression, other mood disorders and poor health outcomes. Many have poor posture and develop distortions to their body shape which can create severe and chronic issues.

What We Offer

Inclusive Fitness Programs (I.F.P) breaks new ground by providing comprehensive programs which are valuable for improving lifestyles.

 Our baseline information gathered from initial intakes and non invasive functional movement screenings/assessments are paramount in designing health and wellness programs specifically tailored to each client’s needs and abilities.

During implementation of our programs we provide ongoing assessments, reviews and program adjustments to meet specific goals and objectives.

We offer 12 week training programs, as well as ongoing group training programs that can occur during day, evening, and/or weekends.

All group trainings are 3 person minimum to 6 person maximum.

Classes include:

Zumba – fun, and energetic dance fitness class. Come dance to music around the world.

Yoga Poses – Yoga meaning ” to unite” . With the basic foundations of Yoga we will encourage you to unie your mind, body and soul using basic Yoga Poses

Meditation and Relaxation Coaching – slow down yor mind, reduce stress and anxiety with simple guided meditations and relaxation techinques

Group Training – tailored to your needs . Eg Core healt, Strength, Cardio, Kickboxing, Weights, TRX or Resistance Training,

For maximum health benefits, we recommend that our clients train at least twice a week at a minimum of 30 minutes per session.

Our programs are currently held online – Worldwide. Please contact Yomi @specialneedsfitnessmagazine for in-person availability

What We Specialize In

Our specialized programs enhance gross motor skills, functional mobility, strength, flexibility, behavior reduction, coordination, balance, proprioceptive awareness, muscular and cardio-vascular endurance, and agility.  We implement a wide range of exercises and techniques which require the use of the client’s own bodyweight, and, use of free weights, bars and machines, balance and stability equipment, TRX and resistance bands, as well as boxing equipment. Most of all, our programs increase confidence, independence and social interactions

About Coach Yomi Karade

Personal Trainer, Relaxation Coach, and Behavior Specialist

Yomi was born and raised in England and has been living in New Jersey since 1999. She is an ACE certified personal trainer and a certified Zumba instructor for adults and kids. She is the owner of UK Today Media Group LLC and is founder of I.F.P (Inclusive Fitness Programs) which provides integrated and inclusive fitness programs for adults, seniors, and children. In 2018, the program was awarded a grant by Autism Speaks and appeared on News 12 NJ.

At the age of 13, while living in England, Yomi was given an opportunity to volunteer in a residential home for children with disabilities and has continued to work within the special needs population as an instructor, ABA therapist, and behavior specialist. Currently, she is an inclusive personal trainer, meditation and relaxation coach. At 23, Yomi was presented with a vision that she would have son who would have autism. This vision came true. From his birth, Yomi realized that nothing is impossible, that every Being regardless of their ability is limitless and at one with Source.

Yomi holds a BA in Psychology, Master Credits in Teaching- Special Education, a Registered Behavior Technician License (RBT-IA), and a Diploma in Business Management. She is certified to recommend Ayuverdic treatments to family and friends. She is also CPR-AED (American Red Cross) certified, a Zumba Plate Coach and a STRONG by Zumba Instructor. 


“For our 21 year old son, Jordan, Yomi Karade and I. F. P. have been a Godsend.
I. F. P. allows other areas, beyond the physical, to develop. Social interaction abilities and motor planning are just two such areas that are fostered in the environment that Yomi and I.F. P. provide. Jordan has not only become more physically fit, improving his posture and his endurance, but he also has greatly overcome motor planning challenges, thus increasing self-esteem and confidence .Jordan consistently looks forward to his workouts with Yomi. We, his parents, consistently look forward to witnessing more and more development and growth in Jordan’s many accomplishments that he achieves with all that I. F. P. and Yomi Karade extraordinarily provide.”

-Monica Cohn, West Orange, NJ

“My son, Brian, has been training with Yomi for eight months, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Brian works out twice a week in a program that Yomi designed specifically for him. His posture has improved, his strength has increased, and, best of all, he smiles throughout each session.”                                                        

Shawn Dennis, Verona, NJ

Inclusive Fitness Programs (I.F.P.) embraces every client with respect and dignity, knowing that everyone’s ability is limitless and boundless. We serve clients who have:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • ADHD
  • Apraxia of Speech
  • Down Syndrome
  • Anxiety and Mood Disorders
  • Behavior Problems including Social and Explosive Disorders
  • Muscular Atrophy
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Obesity and Weight concerns
  • Physical Disabilities
  • Non verbal and other communication needs
  • Visual Impairments and Blindness
  • Auditory and Information Processing Disorders
  • Sensory Integration/Processing Disorders
  • And much more

Our services also extend to seniors and those who have not exercised for a period of time

For booking and further information call Yomi Karade @ 973.5795 or email info@specialneedsfitnessmagazine,com

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